Olive leaf extract, a natural treatment for cancer

Scientific research continues to prove the possibility of curing cancer with olive leaf extract, especially breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and other cancer types. In this article, we gathered the results of some of the pioneer studies in this field.

The traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with high life expectancy and low prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. This diet is based on fruits, vegetables, fish, and olive oil, with low consumption of dairy products and red meat. Olive oil is undoubtedly a key factor in the numerous health benefits of this diet, and this is particularly thanks to its polyphenols.

cancer treatment natural herbs

Olive leaf extract contains larger quantities and varieties of polyphenols than olive oil. Furthermore, there are some important structural differences between the polyphenols in the olive leaf and those in the oil. These polyphenols play an important protective role against cancer and other diseases related to inflammation.


Bioactive components in olive leaf extracts are able to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells

To find out if natural herbs or herbal products may be able to cure cancer, you must first test them on a variety of cancer cell lines in the laboratory.

Several studies on inflammatory and cancerous cells have shown that olive leaf polyphenols are anti-inflammatory. In addition, they protect against cellular DNA damage caused by free radicals. Therefore, the various bioactive properties of olive leaf polyphenols are responsible for inhibiting the progression and development of cancers.

In one study, various olive leaf extracts were tested against several types of cancer cells. Oleuropein and other olive phenols and flavonoids have shown strong antioxidant activity and inhibited the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. This inhibition occurs with micromolar concentrations. The active compounds of the olive tree, therefore, act in low doses to protect against the different types of cancer in the body.

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol induce the death of breast cancer cells

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol are among the major phenolic compounds present in olive products. The study of their effects on breast cancer cells showed that these two compounds reduce viability, inhibit proliferation and induce cell apoptosis of breast cancer cells.

In fact, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol induce the death of breast cancer cells and stop their multiplication. The results of the study showed that 200 μg / mL of oleuropein or 50 μg / mL of hydroxytyrosol remarkably reduce cell viability and decreased the number of cancer cells by inhibiting their proliferation rate and inducing their apoptosis. In addition, they block the multiplication cycle of breast cancer cells at the time of the transition between the G1 phase and the S phase of the cell cycle. These results prove that the consumption of olive products is an effective way to protect against breast cancer.

The effect of the olive extract on human leukemia cells varies by olive variety

The protective effects of olive leaves were studied on human promyelocytic leukemia cells with leaf extracts of different varieties of olive trees. The results showed significant inhibition of the growth of these tumor cells after 48 hours of incubation. The tested solutions were obtained after 100-fold dilution of the leaf extracts of each olive variety. The extracts were prepared by maceration of 10 g of dried leaves in 100 ml of 70% ethanol for one week.

Olive leaf extracts caused DNA fragmentation in the cancer cells after 19 hours of incubation. This effect varies depending on the variety of olives used for the test. The treatment of human leukemia, a bone marrow cancer also known as leucosis, is therefore possible with olive leaf extract, thanks to its high oleuropein content.

Prostate cancer cells are inhibited by oleuropein

Oxidative stress is one of the causative agents of cancer. Epidemiological data suggest that the consumption of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables may be behind a lower incidence of cancer. Olive products contain hundreds of phytochemicals that possess antioxidant properties, including oleuropein.

Some researchers have studied the effects of oleuropein on prostate cancer cell lines. They found that oleuropein reduces cell viability and induces structural changes in cancer cells. The exposure of cell cultures to oleuropein induces an antioxidant effect that protects normal prostate cells and prevents their transformation into cancer cells. In addition, oleuropein generates a pro-oxidative effect on the cancer cells inducing their death. Therefore, olive leaf extract can be useful, on the one hand, in the treatment of prostatitis, in order to prevent the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells. On the other hand, it can be used as an adjuvant to improve the chances of recovery from prostate cancer.

cancer treatment natural herbs

Olive leaf extract alters the expression of human glioblastoma cells

Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and deadliest form of primary malignancy in the central nervous system. Some phytochemicals are able to induce the death of tumor cells such as those of human glioblastoma by modifying the activity and gene expression of these cancer cells.

Olive leaf extract has antiproliferative effects on human glioblastoma cell lines. It works by modifying the expression of the genetic material of the tumor cells. The cells treated with olive leaf extract have the activity of their genes altered. The bioactive components found in olive leaves cause apoptosis of human glioblastoma cancer cells by stimulating the expression of genes responsible for triggering cell death.

Olive leaf extract protects against skin cancer induced by ultraviolet rays

Chronic exposure to UV solar radiation damages the skin, increases its thickness, reduces its elasticity, and causes skin cancer. Doctors conducted a study to examine the effects of bioactive compounds in olives on nude hair-free laboratory mice after ultraviolet radiation exposure.

Patients took olive leaf extract (300 and 1000 mg/kg) and oleuropein (10 and 25 mg/kg) orally twice a day, every day, for 30 weeks. Results showed that these treatments inhibit the increase in the thickness of the skin and reduction in its elasticity. They also prevent cutaneous carcinogenesis and tumor growth, as well as the gene expression of the various cutaneous tumor cells.

Olive leaf extract and oleuropein in particular have preventive effects against chronic skin lesions induced by ultraviolet rays. In addition, it prevents carcinogenesis and tumor growth through inhibition of the expression of different tumor genes.

Olive leaf extract protects against inflammation in patients undergoing cancer treatment

Side effects are very common in patients undergoing intensive cancer cures. These effects include mucositis which produces many mouth ulcers. It is also the most common side effect when treating cancer with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Cancer patients treated with chemotherapy performed regular mouthwashes with solutions containing olive leaf extract. After two weeks of treatment, the severity of oral mucositis became significantly lower. Levels of IL-1β and TNF-α, which are inflammatory molecules, also decreased in cancer patients treated with olive leaf extract. Hence, treatment with olive leaf extract rich in active ingredients such as oleuropein reduces inflammation during antitumor chemotherapy and protects against its reverse effects.

Curing cancer naturally with olive leaf extract is possible!

As shown in several scientific studies, the olive leaf extract is able to prevent the appearance of cancer cells, kill them and alleviate the side effects of conventional cancer treatment techniques such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

These studies are based mostly on laboratory tests using cancer cell lines or animal models. Clinical studies are now needed to prove the effectiveness of this natural treatment as an anticancer remedy in humans.


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